Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Calendar from Property Tax Consultants, LLC

Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes are High Enough Without Paying Late Fees and Penalties

To help you avoid late fees and extra charges, Property Tax Consultants, LLC is happy to provide this Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Calendar with important real estate and property tax dates for each state.

To find due dates for assessments, value notices and tax bills, simply use the boxes below to select the state and year you wish to find.

Have questions about specific dates or requirements in your state? The Property Tax Consultants, LLC team can provide valuable information about filing, appeals and more. If you’re ready to reduce your real estate and personal property tax burden, call us first! We handle all of the communications with state or local tax collectors for our clients.

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Disclaimer: This report is provided as a courtesy and is updated periodically. However, while we believe this to be a complete calendar of specific tax event dates and strive to update it regularly, Property Tax Consultants, LLC cannot guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information presented and some dates may not be listed. Please contact our office at 1-833-470-8999 for more information.