Northpoint Crossing, a commercial property helped by Property Tax Consultants, LLC

Real Estate Tax Consulting Services from
Property Tax Consultants, LLC

Property Tax Consultants, LLC Specializes in Reducing the Tax Burden of Properties Valued at $1,000,000 or More

Whether you own one or multiple retail spaces, hotels or motels, single or multi-family residences, investment properties or industrial buildings, contact Property Tax Consultants, LLC today. Our team of experienced property valuation specialists will explain how our tax consulting services can help reduce your property tax burden.

Full Service Real Estate Tax Consulting Services

Property Tax Consultants, LLC provides our clients with exceptional value by handling the entire appeals process. We work closely with real estate owners and investors at all stages, from filing the initial notice of protest through informal or Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings. When necessary, we even represent our clients’ interests at judicial reviews and third-party arbitration sessions as part of our real estate tax consulting services. Property Tax Consultants, LLC has become a proven leader in aggressive property tax reduction, pursuing every legal avenue to protest and lower your taxes.

Our Proven Process:

  1. Analyze existing assessment
  2. Research, prepare and present property tax appeals on your behalf at informal hearings or Appraisal Review Board (ARB) hearings
  3. Coordinate judicial review, if appropriate

Business Personal Property Tax

The team at Property Tax Consultants has substantial experience valuating business personal property meaning any tangible property, such as furniture, fixtures, and equipment. We ensure the market value assigned to your assets are kept in check.

Mineral Property Tax

Property Tax Consultant, LLC works closely with a team of engineers and geologists to extensively understand the presence, makeup, and concentration of minerals for your property. As well as researching the production and leasing information when determining your mineral interest value to ensure your being treated fairly.

Additional Services

Our affiliate company Paramount Property Analysts is a well-known leader in commercial and rural appraisals. Paramount is comprised of 5 MAIs, affording Property Tax Consultants to draw from a wealth of data and experience in an ever-changing market.